Cai-Xuan Wu


Cai-Xuan Wu knew going into her education at the Birmingham City School of Jewellery in the United Kingdom that she wanted to create art. She follows a unique construction process, forming industrial acrylics into shapes reminiscent of sea creatures. Her pieces have an ethereal quality to them that take the wearer back in time to the days of empires and kings. 

 Wu’s enchanting brooches and earrings are all made by hand. Her masterful use of materials and form creates a three-dimensional sensory dichotomy that calls into question the order and chaos with which see the natural world. 

 Wu is based out of the city of Taipei, where imaginative trends are welcomed and cultivated - Taiwanese artists are known for pushing boundaries with their artistic materials.Step outside of the mundane with this breathtaking collection that blurs the boundaries between the industrial and the organic.


Taipei, capital of the Chinese territory of Taiwan, is a modern metropolis with over 300 years of history. The heavily Japanese-influenced city celebrates its stories with museums displaying treasures dating back up to 5,000 years. Because of this, Taipei feels like a intimate town despite being a cosmopolitan city. 

Nightlife in Taipei lights up after dark. Night markets are more popular than daytime dining, and exotic cuisine is available on every corner. Home to the most exciting nightlife in Asia, Taipei boasts bustling bars and vibrant venues waiting eagerly to serve locals and tourists. 

 Trees lining winding roads and mist shrouding the sky give Taipei an air of mystery. With so much to discover, it is a pleasure to lose oneself in the experiences the city has to offer.