Feel Jewelry is a demi-fine jewelry brand founded in 2017 by Tuğba Karalı Çalışır. Tugba, founder and designer of the brand was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Traditional Turkish Handicrafts. She transforms the traditional forms of Turkish arts and uses them in her designs, by blending the knowledge and experience she has gained for more than ten years in  The Grand Bazaar.

Feel Jewelry today is based in Istanbul, where Tugba is  fascinated by Istanbul and Anatolia culture. Her jewelry is designed for  the independent women looking to elevate their look with authentic everyday pieces. Tugba's bold and alluring pieces will not to be another piece of a jewelry in the drawer but one of the most beloved pieces you own.

Feel Jewelry's contemporary designs are crafted by hand with traditional and modern methods from gold-plated silver and semi-precious gemstones from the Grand Bazaar.