N2 by Les Nereides


The whimsical "little sister" to the larger Les Nereides jewelry collection, the N2 line was dreamt up by Pascale and Enzo Amadeus, the husband and wife creative force behind this hand-crafted jewelry brand in 2004. They created N2 to provide a line of affordable designer jewelry for the younger (and young at heart) client; with fantastical themes ranging from romantic fairy tales to scrumptious desserts, the N2 Collection speaks to the playful child in all of us. 14 years and many collaborations later, N2 is a brand favorite all over the world. 

Unicorns, cats, cupcakes, macaroons, Cinderella, Snow White - all of these come to life in the N2 Collection. Enter a fantasy land that will indulge your desire for fun and magic with N2 by Les Nereides! 


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