Nathnit is the brand of Natxa Gonzalez, designer and artisan. Nathnit’s pieces are designed and created on her workshop in the center of Valencia, Spain. She works principally with sterling silver and natural materials, and is constantly experimenting with new materials that could reduce her environmental impact, which are recyclable or recycled. 

All the materials used are recycled and came from local suppliers or from the European Union to defend the way of working respectful with the environment and proximity. Nathnit is constantly experimenting and researching with new materials that can reduce their environmental impact. They also seek for packaging with less environmental impact and try their best to arrive to 0 waste. For Nathnit the most important is the jewelry piece, so they avoid excess of packaging, to be as consistent as possible with an environmental and minimalist lifestyle.

 Natxa  starts the process with a silver thread and then the magic is done. There are no third parties, everything is done 100% in her studio in Valencia. Each piece sold includes a certificate of authenticity and has a lifetime guarantee. 

The Nathnit team works in Valencia, Spain in a little workshop located in the city center. The team incudes two working full time ladies named  Natxa the designer of the jewels,  and Inés who works communications for the brand.