Rebecca Wilson


Rebecca's delectable jewelry collections in pastel porcelain and silver aim to transport you back to the retro sweets of your childhood. Statement pieces and everyday wearables combine silver and semi precious stones with softly tinted ceramics, made for the individual who wants to indulge their inner child, while adulting in the real world.

Pick ā€˜nā€™ mix inspired accessories range from large one off statement pieces to fun yet classy everyday wearables. Whether its a special occasion or a little "thank you", Rebecca's confectionary inspired treats are a great way to share memories, and bring a little bit of fun into a serious world.

Rebecca started out working in ceramics, and over the years her practice has evolved through sculptural works, lighting, home wares and now to precious jewelry. She has enjoyed an international exhibition career for well over a decade, and has been privileged to show her work at prominent locations such as COLLECT at the Saatchi Gallery, Sieraad Art Jewellery Fair in Amsterdam, and the Triennialle Design Museum in Milan.Ā  Rebecca stocks a wide range of jewellery in boutiques and craft galleries in the UK and beyond.