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I absolutely love these earrings. The design is unusual and whimsical. Very well made. Great addition to my earring collection. Striking in appearance.

– Margaret on Heart Earrings


Saw this ring on a Pinterest i think. I like the way it bends at the knuckle and it is gold and silver so it won't change colors on your finger. Happy with it! – Jamie Young on The Future Eve Ring 

SUPER EARRINGS! - Silver Geometrics Earrings

I spent a bit more on these than i wanted to.. but i couldn't resist! I went to this store in Chicago and when the sales girl told me Lady Gaga had the same earrings (love her) I had to! - J.J. on Silver Geometrics Earrings


This necklace goes with anything, and can be layered with other necklaces too! Really cute but also totally unique!! - Jackson Olenick on Teeth Brackets Pendant Silver Necklace

Coral Brooch

Nice brooch, very pretty and hand made. Looks nice on a blazer like in the picture. Thank you – Samantha Stouble on Blue Coral Isle Brooch


After spending two wonderful years in a Fab Lab in Barcelona, Venezuelan architect Marianne Villalobos-Emonet, has decided to tailor her architecture sensitivity, vision and skills into a miniature scale. She has idealized an imaginary character, a HER: Pamela Coromoto, the muse, the bridge that connects her passion for art, fashion and design with her technical knowledge, materialized in a jewelry brand. For 10 years now, Pamela Coromoto has become her main occupation and her way to do architecture. 

Contemporary and thoughtful accessories that balance clean detailing with architectural silhouettes. Directed by Venezuelan architect Marianne Villalobos-Emonet, she pursue to underline the wearer’s individuality, femininity and confidence by making jewelry visionary in technique, style and execution.

Each collection are open journeys, defined by art, design and architecture and the strong presence of color, where we embrace design both as aesthetics and as a way of living.

A small brand with a big message. Embracing sustainable design and positive social impact both as aesthetics and as a way of living, each piece that comes out from my small workshop in Belgrade has been treated as a master-piece, involving new technologies, recycled materials that come from Europe and are responsibly sourced. Also, collaborating with local artisans and manufacturers who share Marianne's ethos in order to make the pieces one of a kind. Pamela Coromoto is a concept, not a product.


Born in Piatra Neamt, Romania, Sabina Dragusanu started making jewellery when she was only 12 years old, and what started as a hobby, soon became a passion. She moved to London in 2014 to study jewellery, and graduated from Central Saint Martins, UAL, in 2017 with a BA (Hons) in Jewellery Design. Her graduate collection ‘Contemporary Embroidery’ was awarded with ‘Best Design’ by Theo Fennell, and was selected to take part in the ‘Marzee International Graduate Show 2017’. 

Sabina’s craftsmanship turns away from conventional jewellery materials. Highly passionate about nature, her work shows the different ways in which she tries to express that. Sabina has had her work exhibited all over the world, in places such as Galerie Marzee, JOYA Barcelona, Collect London, Venice Design Week and Fashion Week Brooklyn.

" Being an avid nature lover, my biggest nightmare is currently a reality: pollution, environmental emergency, bush fires. There are different types of pollution and different degrees to what we can control, but I believe that we can do more than we think. I am making changes in my lifestyle everyday and hope that every little thing builds up to something bigger. I express that in my works and I try to encourage others to take more action as well. Lately I’ve been exploring the different ways of upcycling plastic; there is so much of it that goes into the ‘recycling’ bin and ends up being sent to landfill somewhere in Asia. I believe that we need to use more of what we have and create less of what we don’t have.’ - Sabina Dragusanu

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