All About Iris

meet audrey|iris trends curator and owner

 Audrey  has had a passion for jewelry all her life, ever since she began collecting vintage jewelry as a young girl.  She started off my professional jewelry industry training in Paris 5 years ago, with the whimsical French brand Les Nereides. There she learned from their talented team of experts about the craftsmanship of art jewelry, the importance of store aesthetic, and attention to customer service. After 3 years of working with Les Nereides, she envisioned her own store that would share the exquisite jewelry art that she discovered overseas here in the US. Her vision comes to life with Iris Trends - a jewelry shopping experience truly like no other in Chicago!

 Iris features jewelry artists that Audrey has personally built relationships with - as the story behind the jewelry, the materials they use, and the journey of the artist is as compelling as the pieces themselves. She hand-selects every piece in the Iris Collection, made by independent designers who specialize in their craft and medium. From Colombia to India, Iris Trends features the world's emerging jewelry artists on a rotating basis; it is a gallery of wearable art that can be purchased in-store and online. Each piece is one of a kind, produced in limited quantities to ensure exclusivity and uniqueness.

Come discover the world of jewelry through the Eyes of Iris Trends.