Aisegul Telli


Aisegul Telli is a jewelry designer inspired by what lies just beneath the surface. Based in Istanbul, the cultural and historical center of Turkey, she holds a degree in Chemistry from the University of Istanbul. Telli sought to find a medium she could bond with to transform her emotions and impressions into contemporary art. In 2014 Telli released her first collection in which she captured her diving experiences in the Indian Ocean. 

Telli utilized her passion for darkroom photography in the creation of her collection Undersurface. Combining her love for jewelry crafting and underwater photography, Telli brought the beauty of the world below the waves to the shore, by designing wearable sculptures inspired by the world beneath the waves. This beautiful collection of reef-inspired rings, brooches, necklaces, and earrings lets you take the heart of the sea with you wherever you go.