Contemporary jewellery designer Angela Malhues work focuses on the inexhaustible search for the lost identity, taking the search to more cosmogonic influences reflected in her projects. Currently in Chile, she made her career in Barcelona where she studied Formative Cycle of Artistic Jewelry and makes her first exhibition of artistic jewelry in the Museum of Design HUB in Barcelona. Since 2015 she has been making outstanding exhibitions in various cities in Europe and the United States. Her jewelry is made of various materials such as vitreous enamels, textiles and semi-precious metals, as well as porcelain using recycled sterling silver and precious and semi-precious stones.

Her latets Project is called  "EYES OF COSMOS" 

"When I wear a ring I have thousands of years of existence, mineral, earth and energy. Mining work, effort of time and depth. When I wear stones, I have been gestation from the earth for years, the eyes of the earth, the iris of the cosmos. Comprehensive search for human effort of stature and science, of form and laboratories, of study and energy. I am born from the millenary mother earth.

When I wear a ring I carry liquid mineral in its form. Of surrender to the elements, of reverence for the earth and her wisdom. Humility of labor and confidence in alchemy, goldsmith development of form." - Angela Malhues

So what is a gem? it is luxury of form and meaning, it is an infinite gesture.

The energy mixes between mineral and human nature. What is above is below, earth: maternal womb quarries of stone ovules, each energy connected from the cosmos in a perfect map of the soul.