Anisha Parmar London


Anisha handcrafts jewelry for the bold, confident, and badasswoman in her UK studio with love and good vibes. Her work is inspired by the story of her family’s migration from India, to East Africa, to the UK; her hybrid heritage, and finding beauty in both worlds. Growing up in London, her aesthetic was tempered not only family’s history, but also the diverse cultural melting pot of Britain. Her work finds itself at the juncture of all things urban and ethnic, coupling traditional influences with a graphic, modern edge.

Anisha uses her grandmother’s collection of jewels as her archive of inspiration: “I adore the Indian wedding tradition of passing down jewellery and clothing from mother to daughter. Both my grandmothers collected jewellery throughout their migrant journey to the UK...It is this essence of attachment and story telling through an heirloom, that I want my pieces to have.”