Aviv Jewelry is a contemporary jewelry brand specializing in geometric designs and fine materials, handcrafted with simplicity and versatility in mind.

Designer Lucia grew up in Italy, surrounded by beautiful architecture and art. Geometric shapes and symmetrical patterns inspire all my designs. Drawing from classic geometric shapes, my goal is to create contemporary pieces that are a little different, yet wearable and versatile enough to be combined with your favorite pieces of jewelry. As the great Leonardo da Vinci once said "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". That's why my pieces are minimalist in nature, sleek and dainty, yet unique and sophisticated.

 Aviv Jewelry works with semi-precious materials, like gold fill and sterling silver. Most pieces are laser cut, therefore very light, almost weightless. The designs made of jewelry wire are exclusively in 14K gold fill or argentium, which allow for durability and affordable quality.

With our environment in mind, Aviv Jewelry strive to invest in sustainable materials and practices, and will keep doing so whenever possible. Aviv works with suppliers who source their materials in the U.S., using sustainable practices. All sterling silver and gold fill used is sourced responsibly (ethically mined) or with the majority being composed of recycled materials. Aviv participates in scrap recycling with unused and left-over metals.