Crisobela is the creation of Columbian designer Maria Alejandra Restrepo. A lawyer by day and jewelry designer by night, her love for art, creativity and fashion led her to launch her brand in 2013. Crisobela pieces are infused with an inviting harmony of brightness, femininity, and luxury – romanticism and nature inspire her collections, and the thought and detail put into each piece makes them an individual work of art. 

Crisobela jewels are hand crafted from materials such as gold, brass, fresh water pearls, resin, crystal flakes, and strass crystal. Maria fell in love with strass crytsal because of the way the crystal reflects the light, creating iridescence and colors of the rainbow. The use of strass crystal makes her pieces original, one of kind, and full of authenticity. To stay true to her culture she also uses Emeralds in her jewelry, which add a Colombian touch; Emeralds have been mined in regions of Colombia for over 4,000 years and make up about 80% of the world's Emerald market.