DDNKA is an accessories design studio that is inspired by archicture, art, science, and technology. Founded in 2018 by Architect Adi Levy, DDNKA STUDIO is an  innovative jewelry brand specializing in 3D printed nylon and precious metal statement pieces. 

DDNKA uses a novel process that engages computer simulation to generate designs and digital fabrication to realize the products. The intricate and refined design pieces extend from Adi’s architectural work, merging her modern design sensibilities with the latest 3D printing technologies and materials innovations. 

Her techniques combine advanced parametric tools by which the accessories are custom tailored to every size and shape.The production process combines 3D printing technologies alongside handmade manufacturing techniques like molding, casting, and metal plating. 

DDNKA STUDIO designs have been featured in a range of magazines including British Vogue, Brides Magazine, and Laeisha Magazine. The studio is located Tel Aviv, Israel.