As a child,  the only thing that mad designer Sofiya happy was to transfer her feelings and emotions on paper, collecting colored stones and drawing pictures. Art liberated Sofiya's soul, but it always seemed to that something as an adult she had forgotten about.  

As a young adult, she started teaching Persian after graduating from college, but every day she found herself unhappy. While teaching she came across a book, "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron , and when she started to read it, she remembered her artist soul that she had forgotten from when she was a child. She started to feel good and without thinking about it,  she left everything that made her unhappy, and started drawing and collecting stones from the seaside. Then she made a decision when  looking at the stones by the sea, if such colored stones make me happy, why not make other people happy! She promised herself  that she would make jewelry with stones to share her passion and happiness with others through her jewelry design.  Since that day she educated herself on jewelry making and created her own shiny stony world collection of jewels.

Sofiya's jewelry collection is made from silver products that are covered with white gold and yellow gold and embellished with colorful zircon stones. All jewelry is made with a special technique in which the stone and silver are intertwined and create a different and unique design.