Esma Joyas


Esma was born from Rocio and Daniela Caro's insatiable desire to create. This mother daughter team's unique shapes and textures showcase the meticulous craftsmanship of these two passionate designers.

Esma jewels are small sculptural works of art, each with their own soul and personality. The main metal they use is silver, beautifully accented with copper, alpaca, and bronze, accompanied by rough or faceted stones. Each jewel is a unique ornament, characterized by its solidity and presence that will never go unnoticed. 

This line is an exquisite combination of originality, distinction, and the avant-garde. Esma is a world of its own, with a unique language; its small treasures captivate with their shapes and colors, as well as the treatment of the metal. Esma jewelry radiates and confidence and harmony with its raw material. In this mosaic of creativity and delightful combination of elements, it is hard to choose just one piece!