Eva Burton


Eva Burton is a maker living and working in the Basque Country, in the cozy city of Bilbao. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina were she studied Art Restoration at the University of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires. In 2010 she moved to Barcelona and in 2014 she finished her studies in Artistic Jewellery at Escola Massana. In 2018 she completed a Master of Fine Arts specializing in Contemporary Jewellery and Stone Carving at the Trier University of Applied Sciences in Idar-Oberstein, Germany.

Over the years, her work has been exhibited internationally and published in specialized books, as well as has participated in collaborations and collective projects with the aim of interconnecting diverse cultures and aesthetic disciplines. Eva does not stick to a single category of objects: she is always seeking new ways of expression - play is fundamental to her life and artistic creations.

"I take great pleasure in transforming my experiences into metaphors, adding a romantic –sometimes ironic- view to those slight details that take place in our daily life.The mixture is what fills me. I want to find the connections in the opposites and make them engage in a dialogue." - Eva Burton