Queen's Wood Studio


Hattie's inspiration is from landscape, art, poetry and from the eclectic nature of the materials themselves. Soon after she started her brand she  realized she could make jewellery that is sustainable from 100% recycled silver, vintage stones rather than new-mined. This process also includes using kitchen cupboard ingredients instead of toxic chemicals and the packaging recycled too. 

It all started in London, in her flat overlooking Queen’s Wood. Hattie had been making jewellery since she was a child, from bottle tops, tin cans and beads from old necklaces. The design challenge always appealed to me; how to make something beautiful that is also strong and sits well on the body.  She went to Cambridge to study English Literature, and while in college she received a City and Guilds qualification in silversmithing . She always put jewellery making second to academic work, while studying at the University College London and receiving a PhD at Oxford. In 2014  she returned to London to be closer to other academics working in my field, but decided found writing an incredible strain and finally put jewellery making before her other passions.

 Putting her PhD on pause, she moved to the Czech Republic, a culture and language she knew nothing about but was up for an adventure. Here she found a living folk culture, infused with magic and  a heartfelt connection to the landscape. She found an inspiring community of independent designers and makers who have included her and mentored her. She found her way as an artist and there her brand Queen's Wood Studio was born.