Sue Gregor


Sue Gregor has been designing jewelry in Bristol, England for over a decade. She began her jewelry craft journey during a dark time in her life, in hopes of creating a light at the end of the tunnel. By gathering inspiration from the flora in Bristol, she has certainly succeeded in lighting up the jewelry scene with her enchanting nature-themed collection.

 Gregor uses a fossilization process to press leaves and flowers gathered from the outdoors that embeds the details of the plants’ surfaces onto the acrylic material. This uncommon technique is the artist’s way of melding synthetic materials with nature, creating a dynamic relationship between elements.

The structure of the acrylic collection has a distinctly retro vibe, a nod to the material’s first use in fashion during the 1930s. The bold, exotic colors are eye-catching and reminiscent of trends in the 1960s. Mother Nature never goes out of style, and Sue Gregor’s striking pieces are timeless reflections of Bristol.


Painted in maritime history along the Avon River is England’s southwestern city of Bristol. While the city itself is small, the quirky and artsy lifestyle has produced larger than life artists such as Banksy, and music festivals such as Love Saves the Day. The nautical neighborhoods are home to bars on boats and art on the streets. Gloucester Street is a charming, trendy shopping row with more independently-owned shops than any other street in the country. Bristol also boasts its own independent currency, the Bristol Pound. 

 Bristol enjoys a massive street art culture, with vibrant outdoor artwork decorating once drab streets. A variety of unconventional art gallery spaces are located around Bristol, even one housed in a former public restroom. Bristol is also the UK’s first Cycling City, home to a cohort of fixed gear enthusiasts. This unique city is flourishing with fantastic inspirations for artists of all sorts.