Aelita is a brand of objects and authorial pieces created by Tici Andriani.

Concerned since childhood with the destiny and beauty of things, she heard from her father at the age of nine that she would be a designer, and the prophecy came true in a work that involves sustainability, innovation and purpose.

Aelita uses materials from responsible sources, cares about every step of the production chain, values ​​each hand that creates the product and recycle 200% of the material that produce. 

In love with the frenetic 20s Tici Andriani one day watched “Aelita, the Queen of Mars”, the first Soviet science fiction film, from 1924, which was part of the reference list of possible names for the brand.

The tip came from Bêla, a super designer and friend of Tici, who had already been working on creating the brand's visual identity. Bêla knew from the beginning that Ticia would like the film, and she was absolutely right. The feature perfectly translated what was in the designer's head for a long time.

Queen Aelita's futuristic aesthetic and empowerment story shaped Tici's taste and ideas for creations, and the Queen lent her name to the brand. (Thanks Bella!)

“My love, our love was written in the stars, it was!”

Aelita has her feet on the ground in a serious process of sustainability and upcycling, but her head is in the stars when it comes to inspiration.

What comes from space is magical, profound, curious, and Tici's works reflect this passion for the unknown, spatial aesthetics, scientific innovations and female power. Aelita is pure magic from the Cosmos, with a loud post-punk playing in the background.