Florencia Ig Frezzini is an Argentine jeweler and creator of her brand Tole Joyería. She is in charge of the entire production process, from sketching the original idea to turning it into a piece. Florencia has a degree in Visual Arts from the National University of Cordoba and is currently studying in Caelum, one of the most important workshops in Cordoba.

Each of Tole Joyería's jewels take inspiration from a lived situation, a certain sensation, an experience or even a concept. That way, concerns, possible solutions and challenges are translated into the discipline of jewelry. For Florencia, jewelry is a way of life.

Syntheses of these ideas are designed and then built in 925 silver. For instance, the

“Encounters'' series is inspired by the herringbone pattern, which is normally found in floor tile and road pavement. The unexpected beauty, creativity and symmetry from larger, everyday objects, are distilled and refined into delicate earrings and pendants.

Her work was awarded the Sello de Diseño Cordobés 2021, a very important recognition in the field of design. This led her to participate in the Córdoba 2021 Design Festival, one of the most important design events in Argentina.