Valentina Falchi


 Italian designer Valentina Falchi describes her work and her  

vision of jewellery as a creative  reflection of  her passion and creativity that are

directed to women and men with unique personalities. The design of her jewellery stands with quality, with a vision of a happy and dreamy life.

Her jewelry is inspired by everyday life, bold lines, geometric shapes with a mix of texture.  Made with organic materials Valentina expresses a modern style and strong identity.

Born in Milan,  Valentina t also lived in Rome and was surrounded by the beauty of Florence, where Valentina decided to study jewellery. After her studies, in 2007 she moved to  Barcelona, Spain. These cities and her passion for travel have forged Valentina's  character in an open mind and a curious spirit always inspired by her surroundings.

"The jewel for me is not and should not be a symbol of luxury, but an element of

recognition of the personality and spirit of the person that wears it.

Jewels, pure art, are feelings!" - Valentina Falchi