Born out of a love for vintage jewelry, Valet offers a new take on the resin trend that has been storming the runways and streets. Valet jewelry is gaining worldwide recognition in the fashion jewelry market – Valet is worn by top fashion influencers, and featured in global fashion publications.

 Created by PR veteran Ana Piteira, the Valet collections explore color and geometric shapes to offer a range of both jewelry and hair clips. Individuality is at the heart of the brand, using hand-poured resin in every piece so that no two are ever the same. These are the pieces designed to add a touch of personality to the wardrobe of every woman, encouraging a mix-and-match aesthetic.


Sydney, for good reason, is the first stop on many Australian itineraries. It is the most populous city in Australia, with an exciting urban setting as well as a gorgeous natural landscape for visitors to enjoy. An ideal hybrid of exhilarating and easygoing, just outside the city lie famous golden sand beaches like Bondi Beach. Sydney is the starting point for day trips where you can experience local nature, unique flavors and natives whose passion to live life to the fullest is contagious - and for wine enthusiasts there is the famed Hunter Valley region. 

 One of the most aesthetically stunning cities in the world, Sydney's everyday experiences and lifestyle of the locals make it a uniquely beautiful place.