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I absolutely love these earrings. The design is unusual and whimsical. Very well made. Great addition to my earring collection. Striking in appearance.

– Margaret on Heart Earrings


Saw this ring on a Pinterest i think. I like the way it bends at the knuckle and it is gold and silver so it won't change colors on your finger. Happy with it! – Jamie Young on The Future Eve Ring 

SUPER EARRINGS! - Silver Geometrics Earrings

I spent a bit more on these than i wanted to.. but i couldn't resist! I went to this store in Chicago and when the sales girl told me Lady Gaga had the same earrings (love her) I had to! - J.J. on Silver Geometrics Earrings


This necklace goes with anything, and can be layered with other necklaces too! Really cute but also totally unique!! - Jackson Olenick on Teeth Brackets Pendant Silver Necklace

Coral Brooch

Nice brooch, very pretty and hand made. Looks nice on a blazer like in the picture. Thank you – Samantha Stouble on Blue Coral Isle Brooch

Phi Progression II Earrings | Free Delivery - Quick Shipping

Obtained from the Fibonacci Spiral, the designs in the Phi Progressions collection grow in an algorithmic progression of Phi (1,618) where the next segment corresponds to the sum of the two previous segments. Phi, also known as the Golden Ratio, can be found in countless elements of our Universe, from the nautilus shell to the spiral galaxies, and is considered by many to be the divine manifestation of perfect beauty.

Materials: Silver 925

Finish: Oxidized brushed; polished (on the edges)

Designer: Vangloria