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The snake is one of the oldest symbols, uniting the dichotomy of good and evil. In all mythologies, snakes, as a symbol, take on different meanings. For some civilizations it is water, for others it is fire. In the biblical script, the snake represents danger and temptation, but at the same time, in the Chinese zodiac, the Serpent symbolizes wisdom and insight. Due to duality, this symbol is so attractive and exciting. In everyone there is good and evil, feminine and masculine, fire and cold. Life wisdom is to know yourself through experience and time, and in the end - to accept yourself completely.

A rhodium-plated silver cuff in an exquisite shape that wraps around the entire shell of the left or right ear. In this cuff, the mythical snake of Amphisbaena, which has two heads, is used as a manifestation of the owner's personal power.